Social media is a mixed bag. It's manipulative and addictive to many people. As a society we've become addicted and reliant on social media for so many things, updates from friends, news, information and these things aren't what we should always be getting from social media. If you want to chat and maybe connect with people, ok. If you want to find "the truth" then maybe don't go looking in a place where opinions can come off as facts.
  Information should be freely available, but knowledge of the source is also important. The problem with social media is that they're designed to give you a limited amount of information of one type. Whateveryou respond to the most is what it will keep giving you, regardless if its true or not.
  Take the vaccine debate for example. The only reason the anti vax movement has any platform at all, is because social media allowed it to. You can't ban people's opinions, but when it's condensed and presented en mass as it has been on social media, it comes off as generally accepted fact. You could have the most unpopular opinion in the world, but social media allows you to find other people who agree with you.
  Jaron does bring up good points on social media. They are not inherently bad, but with how they are designed, people do suffer from the addictive and manipulative aspects of social media. They can be good tools for people, but ours simply hasn't been designed for that.